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What is Media Planning and why is it important?

Media planning is the basis for any effective media campaign. It is when goals, target audience, timing, tactics, and budget are all decided on. A well-created media plan clearly answers the how, who, when, where, and why of advertising.

Media planning involves a lot of research, asking the right questions, and creating focus around your goals. This is the time when clear definitions of target audience, how success will be measured, and exploring media options occur.

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Planning Steps:

  • Build Out the Campaign Goals and Details
    • Target Audience
    • Target Geography
    • When
    • How Much
    • How Will Success Be Measured

  • Determine Media for the Campaign
    • Target Audience Habits
    • Costs
    • Creative Considerations
    • Dates

  • Plan Out the Schedule of the Campaign
    • Things to consider:
      • Flighting v Continuous
      • Days of the Week
      • Dayparts
      • Formats
      • Positions

While this all may feel like a lot of work to even start your advertising, it will help deliver an efficient and strategic campaign that is focused on your goals. Think of it as planning a vacation. You could hop in your car and just start driving and you will likely end up somewhere, but it may not have been the fastest way to get there. You may not end up in the place you wanted to, or you may get there but not arrive with the right things packed to enjoy the trip.

Partnering with an agency like Avail Media Group can take a majority of this stress off your business’ plate. Leaning on our expertise and experience gives you back time and assures you that your marketing dollars are spent efficiently.


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